Sidewinder Weedless sandeels 5" 20g

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White/Red Spot
Silver Glitter
Blue Glitter
Greeen Back/Silver

Product Details

Combine the best fish catching colours, our famous Sidewinder shape and action with a weedless system that works great and you’ve got an unbeatable range of lures.

Extensive testing in South Devon over the summer of 2015 has proved how deadly these lures really are!

Packing – 2 complete Weedless Sandeels per pkt.

  • Salt Trap Tech-(STT)-we have used actual salt in the manufacture process so that they taste salty to fish.
  • Shimmer Skins produce a pearlescent finish for all colours.
  • Inbuilt hook tube for great Sidewinder action
  • Best quality Mustad hooks and components used throughout.

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