Sidewinder Eels 6" Rhubarb/Custard Sea Fishing Lures (buy in packs of 1 to 50)

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A superb range of ultra realistic weighted sandeels. These are some of the best bass lures in the business.

Sidewinder Sandeels have taken the fishing lure world by storm over the last few years. They have a very realistic eel shape with an extremely realistic movement in the water and come fitted with Mustad hooks. These lures are balanced and designed to swim in an upright position, something that is often lacking with inferior lures, add that to their very realistic tail movements and you have an extremely effective bait.

Sidewinder Sandeels have become a staple for bass and cod fisherman.


  • Built in Holographic inserts for outstanding fish attraction.
  • Weighted and fitted with Mustad 32786BLN hooks.
  • Fantastic swimming action.

Sidewinder Sandeels are one fishing lure that should be in every sea anglers tackle box!


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