Scierra Traxion 1 LW Click system #2/4 GunSmoke Fishing Reel

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The Scierra Traxion 1 LW Click System 2/4 is a new addition and upgrade to the Traxion family and boasts a similar stunning design and durable construction but now with a much lighter weight and a smooth micro adjustable drag system. The reel is constructed and machine cut from a single block of 6061 grade of aluminium which gives it such a high strength for its weight class. It includes machined holes and a U shaped spool to further decrease weight and increase backing capacity. The click pawl drag system allows you to gently palm the reel in order to control the speed of the reel. The drag is designed to provide minimal resistance so you can use the palm of your hand to gently and effectively slow down the running fish by resting your palm against the spinning spool. The drag also creates a loud and attractive clicking sound from the ratchet mechanism which is a characteristic favoured by some anglers. The Scierra Traxion 1 LW Click System 2/4 has a Gunsmoke colour. It is supplied in a neoprene pouch for carry and protection.


Machine cut from 1 block of 6061 grade aluminium
Extreme lightweight design
U-shaped spool
Click pawl drag system
Line guard on handle side
Neoprene reel pouch include

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