SAVAGE GEAR 3D LB Hybrid Pike 17cm Spare Tail Kit 02-Yellow Pike lure

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The Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pike Lure is loaded with innovative features. The Paddle Tail supplied with the lure provide a lively and jumpy action with a clicking rattle chamber which will lead to bites from predator fish.

The Savage Gear 3D Hybrid Pikes innovative release rig will enable the rear hook to detach from the body when a fish has been hooked. The rig has been joint to a build in swivel, so the fish will have a difficult time to roll on the lure and use excessive force to withdraw from the hooks.

  • Runs from top to 6 feet
  • 3D Scanned precise details
  • Tournament trebles and components
  • Stainless Steel release rig
  • Corkscrew Tail Mount
  • Multiple Action, riggings and run depths(Up force and down force)
  • Paddle tail with removable rattle
  • Spare tails in range
  • Slow Sink
  • 17cm Hook size #1
  • 25cm Hooks size #2/0 + #1/0

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