Ron Thompson Svalbard Neoprene Wader w/Cleated Sole 40/41 - 6/7



Product Details

This chest wader is 100% waterproof so you can safely get into the river or lake with complete confidence. No longer will you have to deal with damp socks or soaked clothes, these will protect you completely and guarantee that the bottom half of you will stay bone dry underneath. The days of bringing a whole load of spare clothes are gone; you can pack light with just one pair of these waders. These waders are not only practical but they are exceptionally comfortable too. Waterproof clothing can often be a little tough and awkward to wear, but Ron Thompson has changed this with these brilliant waders. Now, you can be comfortable and 100% protected whilst you adventure into the water when .

To ensure that these waders remain 100% waterproof, the company took the necessary design precautions. All of the seams inside have been stitched and taped so there is absolutely no chance of any water seeping through and getting to your clothes. This also means it reduces the amount of air that will be able to get into your waders, so if you are an adventurous angler who likes to get into the water even at the coldest time of the year, then these will keep your warm and stop you from freezing. Every step to make these waders the best they can be has been taken, making them one of the highest quality and efficiency on the market today.

The main material these waders are made from is neoprene, as the name suggests. This excellent material is soft, flexible and 4mm thick and provide you with impressive protection when you’re chest deep in the water. A great feature of this material is that is it resistant to tears, so if you happen to snag yourself on something when you’re fishing, these Svalbard waders are well equipped to handle it. This resistance makes them incredibly long lasting and durable, so you can use these waders on many angling sessions and get your rod as far out as possible.

A superb feature of these Ron Thompson waders is the front hand-warmer pocket which also has a drain hole. This addition makes this comfortable chest wader perfect for any angler who wants to get stuck in year-round, no matter the weather. If you’re stood in the water waiting to hear your  and your fingers start to get numb and tingly, you can slip them straight in the front pockets and take advantage of the warmth. What’s more, if you reel in a fish that splashes around quite a bit, any water that ends up in your pockets will drain right out, so if you put your hands in there you won’t ever be surprised by a pocket full of water.

These Svalbard Neoprene Waders are extremely strong. Rubber knee pads have been built in for reinforcement so if you happen to have a slip when you’re in the water, you needn’t worry about hurting yourself as the waders will create a barrier between the rock and your skin. They also come fitted with fully 3mm neoprene lined durable PVC boots and cleated soles to provide you with fantastic grip and protection.

  • 100% waterproof comfortable chest wader
  • Soft and flexible 4mm thick neoprene
  • Stitched and taped inside on all seams
  • Front hand-warmer pocket with drain hole
  • Rubber knee pads for reinforcement
  • Fully 3mm neoprene lined durable PVC boots
  • Comes with dark grey felt sole or with cleated sole

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