Ron Thompson Ontario Chest Waders



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These waders are not only technically advanced but also extremely reliable, you can put your trust in these waders to give you a superb angling session. The seams have been quad-welded to guarantee ultimate strength and high tear resistance. If your river or lakebed happens to be quite debris heavy, these waders will be able to handle it easily. The benefits of the seams don’t stop there, it also ensures that they are 100% waterproof so you could wear even your favourite pair of trousers and be confident that these Ontario chest waders will protect them. The seams extend the waders’ lifespan, so you can make the most of this excellent quality product for even longer.

One of the most innovative and useful features of these waders is that they have been constructed from high quality PLAVITEX fabric with one side coated in PVC/polyester. This differs from most other waders on the market which as most commonly pure PVC waders. Having one side coated in PVC/polyester provides additional comfort without compromising durability; this heavy duty construction makes sure that you stay dry and comfortable at the same time without having to sacrifice one or the other as other waders do. The stretching properties of PLAVITEX also make sure that the waders move with you rather than against you which optimises your comfort whilst wearing them in the water so your angling session can be as enjoyable as possible, where you’re a fan of carp fishing or fly fishing.

Another great feature of these waders is the hardwearing boot which is just as hardwearing as the waders themselves. They are exceptionally robust and comfortable to deal with even the toughest of riverbeds. To help with this even further, they have also been designed with a cleated sole which provides additional grip on uneven and slippery surfaces. You can fish whilst in the water without losing your balance, making keeping your rod steady just that much easier.

The quality and durability of waders is always important, but so is the fit. Luckily, these waders have a draw-cord around the upper chest which you can adjust to make them fit you perfectly. There is nothing worse than waders that don’t fit properly; you won’t have to deal with that problem with these adjustable waders. The Ontario waders’ braces are constructed from have high quality elastic with super strong buckles which makes it quick and easy to slip the waders on and off as you wish and adjust the fit even further. Not only that, but the elasticated fixed-lock loops have extra box stick reinforcement, leaving no chance of these quality waders ever coming loose whilst you’re in the water.

A handy little feature is the inner chest wader pocket; Ron Thompson really thinks of everything. In this neat pocket, you can store any smaller tackle or items that you may need to access easily whilst you’re in the water. These waders boast a whole host of advanced textile technologies and with a thickness of 0,5mm and weight of a mere 350gram/m they are a first-rate investment for any angler who wants to fish with confidence even if you can’t see the riverbed.

  • Reliable & technically advanced PVC/polyester chest waders
  • With heavy duty construction ensures you stay dry and comfortable
  • Quad-Welded seams for ultimate strength and high tear resistance
  • High quality PLAVITEX fabric, one side coated PVC/polyester
  • Thickness - 0,5mm
  • weight - 350gram/m
  • Extra Heavy Duty material with flexible stretch property for comfort and reliability
  • Draw-cord around the upper chest
  • High quality elastic braces and strong buckles
  • Elasticated fixed-lock loops with extra box stitch reinforcement
  • Inner chest wader pocket. Hard wearing boot with cleated sole
  • Made in the EU

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