Okuma X-Spot Spod & Marker 80 2+1bb Carp Reel

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The Okuma X-Spot Spod & Marker reel has been purposely designed to deal with the constant rigours of continuous work with heavy spods whilst baiting up at distance. By using super strong internal parts and removing un-needed functions for spodding such as a reverse capability and internal bail trips, the Okuma X-Spot is a true workhorse with guaranteed durability. The X-Spot has all the extra features needed for Spod and Marker work, the spool incorporates 3 specially designed low profile line clips for multiple clip-up points with extra-large internal springs to take the continuous hits against the clip for accurate feeding and marker work, the bail arm has a lock incorporated so it can-not accidentally flip over on the cast causing break offs and with a high speed retrieve rate the X-Spot ensures quick retrieval cutting down on the time taken to feed and reduces fatigue on the arms.

• 2 Stainless steel bearings
• Quick-Set anti reverse one way bearing
• Machine cut anodized aluminum spool
• 3 metal line-clips
• Regular aluminum handle with T-shape knob
• Even flow roller
• Worm sharft transmission system
• Line control system on the spool provides better line-lay

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