Okuma Airframe Fly Reel

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Product Details

  • Sold in two sizes - 4/6 and 7/9 - the wide-arbour Airframe is simplicity personified. Made from fibre-reinforced resin with a stainless steel one-way bearing, the Airframe is not a fancy reel but it is a versatile reel. Whether you are a trout angler or a bass fly fisher, it could be the answer to your prayers.

  • One advantage of plastic is that it doesn't corrode and is a doddle to rinse. Leave it salty and it won't really matter.

  • The disc drag is operated by a large star on the back of the reel, and gives a huge range of adjustment. Unlike some cheap reels, the drag doesn't work against you while you are reeling in, and the direction is reversible for left-handers.

  • Supplied Pre loaded with fly line ready to use.
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