Okuma Airframe PreSpooled



Product Details

Okuma Airframe PreSpooled.

• The Airframe is produced in a titanium reinforced graphite construction with all the advantages of a large arbor reel
• Equipped with a one-way clutch bearing securing no tension when retrieving but instant drag function when the fish drags
• Stainless steel main shaft
• Oversized disc drag with stainless steel & teflon discs
• Easy brake adjustment on the back
• Japanese one-way clutch bearing in stainless steel
• Ultra light weight

44259 4/6 Pre Spooled 20lbs, WF5F, leader
44260 4/6 Pre Spooled 20lbs, WF6F, leader
44261 7/9 Pre Spooled 20lbs, WF7F, leader
44262 7/9 Pre Spooled 30lbs, WF8F, leader

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