Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Wet/Dry Rotary Media Separator



Product Details

The Frankford Arsenal Rotary Media Separator is ideal for both wet or dry cleaning processes. The dry rotary media separator is the ideal tool to quickly separate brass from media with a simple turn of a handle. Two sifting handles allow for ambidextrous use while separating brass from media. Brass is caught in the separator while the media falls into the pan below. The media separator also includes two installed strainers to separate wet media from water. The perforated sifters allow media to fall through while retaining brass, then the water can drain through the bottom sifter while media is retained for reuse. The spill proof tub fully captures water, dry media and stainless steel pins. The tub top includes a mesh strainer to rinse brass during wet separating to remove any left over cleaning solution.

Ideal for both wet and dry cleaning processes

Ambidextrous handles

Spill proof tub

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