Deerhunter Cheaha Cap W. Safety Innovation Gh



Product Details

Cheaha is the ideal choice if you are looking for an œall-round hunting suit in camouflage with good comfort, stretch and Deer-Tex Performance Shell Orange safety top inside to flip overDeer-Tex Performance Shell The Cheaha suit is available in two different camouflage patterns: 30-Advantage Max-4 Camo, which includes various flora and fauna and is therefore extremely suitable for bird shooting in wet areas and open terrain, and 50-Innovation GH Camo, which is Deerhunters own camouflage pattern, and which has been designed for using in different climates and at different altitudes. 50-Innovation GH Camo features deep and bold contrasts and is therefore perfect for most vegetation types in northern and southern Europe, while the greenish effects make it especially suited for the spring, summer and early autumn.

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