Clulite Clu-Briter Flame



Product Details

The all new Clu-Briter Sport contains a brighter LED which shines up to 700m and is powered by lithium ion batteries contained within the handle making it our brightest and best model ever. The Clu-Briter Sport has a flame red design and is lightweight for comfortable handling. It is IPX4 splash proof and shockproof so will last the test of time and is also fitted with a everlasting LED.


  • LED: Upgraded LED giving a higher Lumen output and performance
  • Battery: Upgraded to a Li-ion battery instead of NiMH
  • Cost: Nickel metal hydride batteries are less-expensive technology compared to Lithium-ion.
  • Weight: NiMH batteries are larger and heavier than Li-ion batteries.
  • Power: Li-ion and NiMH batteries can actually hold a similar amount of power, but the lithium-ion cells can be charged and discharged more rapidly. Lithium-ion batteries are less affected by memory loss than NiMH batteries
  • Cover: The process for overlaying a camouflage finish on torches is much higher than a plain finish.
  • USB: This model also has the facility to charge from a USB connection along with the mains and vehicle option.


  • Duration: 3 hours continuous beam & 15 hours on low beam
  • Beam: 700 metres
  • Battery: 3.7v 3600mAH Li-ion Battery
  • Bulb: CREE LED
  • Weight: 550g

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