Chiruca Dogo Boa Hunting Boot - Dark Brown

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Chiruga Dogo Boa is a very fitting leg, ankle support and grip-based Gore-Tex® hunting footwear. BOA recording; thanks to the shoe catch Inserting and opening up are very easy. Unique BOA recording is in strong plastic-coated steel wire, which are tightened by pressing the lock roll down and rotated to the left, walking around a bit and tightened if necessary. In this case, the shoe is intensifying steadily. The locking is released by lifting the roll, wherein the recording of the shoe is loosened.

Chiruga Dogo Boa shoes are water-repellent Scotchgard-treated nubuck leather. The shoe has a Gore-Tex® membrane, which ensures high breath ability and perfect water resistance. Kumivahvisteet protect the tip of the shoe stone chippings. TPU side reinforcements question reinforce the shoe and protect the ankles. Robust and non-slip Vibram® outsole.

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