Bisley Payne Galway Bronze Brush



Product Details

The perfect solution fro heavy deposits or plastic residue in your shotgun barrels, the Payne Galway brush has a tight bristle arrangement to give you more cleaning power on those hard to shift deposits.

We find this brush to be an excellent measure for removing plastic residue from the forcing cones and would highly recommend it for those shooters who use a lot of plastic wad cartridges.

To use simply spray a solvent like 009 down the barrel, attach the Payne Galway bronze brush to the rod and scrub through the bore of your shotgun several times. All you do then is attach a patch to a Bisley or Parker Hale jag and push through from the chamber to the muzzle and remove, repeating if necessary.

Choose from 12 or 20 gauge.


Dispatch time 3 working days.

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