3D Bleak Glide Swimmer Lure

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Based on a 3D Scan of a Bleak – one of the most important prey fish for many European freshwater predator fish. The Restricted V-joint in combination with the unique Body shape give the most enticing Glide swimming action! Big side to side swim on steady retrieve, superb side flash action on jerks!

A very easily fished lure on both spinning and bait caster setup. Great lure for any predator fish – the erratic and side shifting action, tuned to perfection, will make even the wariest attack the lure again and again! Deadly for Pike, Perch, Bass and many other predator fish.

    • Wide Glide swim on retrieve
    • Super side to side action on Jerk
    • Strong ABS body construction
    • Restricted V-joint
    • Semi Soft Tail
    • Forged SS split rings
    • Tournament Trebles

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