Shells Canada/Bean Goose Set of 6 by Sport Plast



Product Details

The SportsPlast Bean/Canada Goose Shell Decoys come in packs of 6 shell decoys with detachable heads they comprise of four feeding shell decoys and two sentry shell decoys whicjh gives you the hunter the best possible combination of decoys to attract the geese. The SportsPlast Goose Shell Decoys are stackable this makes the shell decoys very easy to carry out to your chosen hunting area this also makes them the ideal decoy to bulk up your decoying pattern out in the field. The shell decoys also come with a strong plastic centre ground spike with a plastic cross menber to hlod the shell decoys firmly in the ground, the ground spike also allows the shell decoys to move in a slight breeze making them look more realistic to the approaching geese.

The shell decoys body measures 63cm making them a life like size decoys which adds more of a realistic feel to the shelll decoys.

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