Pilla Panther No-Post Frame with M40 Lens Zeiss VIVX Kit



Product Details

Pilla Panther No-Post Frame with M40 Lens Zeiss VIVX Kit. Panther X frame with nose piece mounted on each lens. earpieces for maximum security and comfort.
The new Pilla VIVX line of lenses have been developed in partnership with ZEISS, the world recognized leader in optics. Pilla VIVX lenses are engineered to produce the most vivid, high definition lens technologies on the market. Pilla has designed all lenses to manage light perfectly while enhancing very specific pieces of the visual spectrum.

The result of the collaboration between Pilla and Zeiss has created one of the most advanced lenses on the market. VIVX lenses enhance contrast significantly while minimising distortion and the loss of depth of field. VIVX lenses are impact and abrasion resistant, and provide a wide field of view with no optical disruptions to maximise effectiveness in the shooting sports.

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