KomodoPro Sunglasses



Product Details

KomodoPro Sunglasses are a new product brought to us from the Scottish company KomodoPro. Designed with a unique sensor on the front of Komodo sunglasses which detects the level of UV penetration and adjusts the lenses within a tenth of a second to allow clear vision. The unique voltaic (solar powered) microchip in KomodoPro sunglasses reacts to prevailing light conditions and reduces glare INSTANTLY!!!  If you were shooting, this means that you can track a bird into the sun, across the sun and around the sun and take a clear shot! 



This innovative design makes them the best sunglasses ever designed and ideal for shooting, fishing, driving, skiing, golf and cycling. They’re perfect for any time that you are suddenly confronted with a full face of sun.


Clay Shooting said;

“certainly help cut down glare”

“Those of you with sensitive eyes will certainly benefit from the technology contained here”

John Reid (co-founder of Reid Outdoors) said;

“I’ve been shooting for decades and have shot for Scotland over 30 times. In all my years of shooting I have never come across a pair of glasses as accomplished as the KomdoPro’s for reducing sun glare.”


Try a pair once and you will never look back!



Rigid, fabric-coated carry case

Weight 29g

Satin black finish

Plastic frames

Sensor mounted between the lenses

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